June Saunders GraysonWriter's Digest Review:
"Color Me Sensitive is a personal journey with the disease sarcoidosis. Ms. Grayson captures the compelling and vulnerable aspects of the disease and presents her fears in a profound manner. While the story is presented in a simple manner, the complex nature and levels of understanding eloquently unfold and much is revealed to the reader. I was especially touched by the "A New Conviction" chapter in which she provides insights into a new way of thinking and responding to her experiences with the human condition. Great and profound work. Thank you for creating such heartfelt work!"
R. Scott Brooks

Charlotte Observer Newspaper:
"Color Me Sensitive is partly a crash course in sarcoidosis...But it's not a 'disease' book.  It's the story of a woman who was always critical of herself, who was obsessed with body image even when elected prom queen.  The slim book tells how one woman was forced to think differently about herself and the world around her."
Mary C. Curtis, Commentary

"June has found a positive message for herself in this disease; one that has allowed her to become a vehicle to strengthen and enlighten others. For that, I commend her and hope that you will embrace her journey."
Sandra Conroy
Founder & President
National Sarcoidosis Resource Center

"This story is a view into the life of a woman who has the guts and ability to share her experiences. I admire June’s honesty and courage to tell her story, and related to much of what she’s written. The book made me smile as well as shed a tear."
L. Lockman-Brooks
Charlotte, NC

"This is the most fulfilling and down-to-earth account I have read.  I could relate to so much of what was said.  Thank you for your honesty."
B. Walker
Kissimmee, FL

"In Color Me Sensitive, June Grayson touches the human condition at its most vulnerable spots. It's not often that you read such a real account of struggle and triumph, when you consider the superficiality of the world and people we encounter on a daily basis. While I personally have never experienced the pain of  sarcoidosis, I have experienced the unexpected twists and turns of a life which hasn’t necessarily gone the way I would have liked it to have gone. However, in her book June has shown all of us that there is hope if we continue to look toward the hills from which cometh our help, believe in ourselves and continuing to strive while enduring the pain (physical and psychological). I am grateful for your courage to share your story, as well as the hope it offers."
Meldron Young, Jr.
New Jersey

"...not full of statistics and data...a true story of someone who knows.  I felt like you were talking right to me."
Chris Allen
Jamaica, NY

"It takes incredible strength to overcome such an unforgiving disease and then equal strength to tell your story.  Congratulations.  You should be very proud."
Barbara Saunders
Orlando, FL

"Even though this is a story about your struggle with sarcoidosis, there are a few messages in the book that are good for everybody! It is well-written and compelling.  Much success with your message!"
Gail Norman

"Several of my book club members shared it and we had a lively discussion about sarcoidosis, marriages, self-esteem, and religion.  Thank you for opening the door for good conversation."
The Divine Book Club
Fort Mill, SC

COLOR ME PROUD: There is no other way to say how I feel after reading "Color Me Sensitive" by my daughter June.  June has given the reader, in every sense, an uncensored, unselfish, very private look at a person who will cause most of us to really take a very hard look at the footsteps in the sand.

This story is read, however, more like a personal, breathtaking conversation with the author. I could feel her pain of the debilitating outside forces, the strength of her determination, her wisdom of purpose and through God, her love of life.
Love you, Dad

"...a vivid, beautifully written story of your courageous battle - a book of truth, humor, sorrow and inspiration. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone who has overcome or struggled with adversity and pain.  And I ask you, who among us has not had to wrestle with issues? Good luck to you."
Phyllis Berlacher
Charlotte, NC

"A touching insight into this woman's life and the challenges of living with disease; a testament to the power of writing, sharing and thus, educating not only those who live with illness, but also those who love them."
Patti Miller
Community Health Outreach Specialist
Charlotte, NC

"I wish more people found the courage to write their stories as June has done.  Her story is a valuable testament to the affects sarcoidosis has on a patient's life and everything around them.  As I read the book, I could relate to both the uniqueness and similarities sarcoidosis patients or any patients with chronic health conditions have to endure.  This is a valuable story that I would recommend to anyone!"
Gilbert Barr, Jr.
Author of Me & Sarcoidosis - A Lifetime Partnership

"I'm not use to reading anything in one sitting, but you spoke to me and I couldn't put the book down!" 
David Horton 
Jersey City, NJ